Reasons To Work In A High School Environment As A Security Guard

Many high schools have ongoing needs for security officers, which means that if you have experience working in this capacity, you could be an ideal fit. Depending on the size of the high school, you could be one of just a few security personnel on duty or a key member of a large security team that works hard to ensure the safety of students and staff alike. Within your first few shifts in the high school, it should be clear that you've made the right choice to work in this setting. Here are some reasons that you'll be happy in this role.

Few Dull Moments

A high school is certainly not a dull environment in which to work in security. There are indeed dull places to work as a security guard. In an office complex, for example, you might spend the bulk of your day watching security monitors that reveal little that requires your attention. In a high school, this won't be the case. You'll find yourself performing a number of roles that will often be interesting. For example, you could provide security at a hotly contested high school football game between two rival schools.

Chance To Make A Difference

While it's true that security personnel make a difference wherever they work, many security postings don't involve protecting youths. If you want to be a positive role model for teenagers, a high school is one of the best environments that you can work. You can make a difference in several ways. For example, if a teenager is bullied to the extent that it is ruining his or her high school experience, you can step in and make the teen feel protected while at school. Additionally, you may be approached by teens who are interested in working in the world of security, which will give you an opportunity to give them some tips on how to succeed.

Variety Of Roles

When you work in security at a high school, you can work in a variety of roles throughout a given week or even during a given shift. This isn't always the case in other security jobs. At a high school, you could find yourself working both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, you might be staffing the metal detectors or checking students' backpacks as they enter. Outdoors, you could be providing security at athletic events, patrolling the parking lot, and keeping order in the smoking section.

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