Setting Up An IP Camera

Setting up security cameras is an essential part of commercial security systems and can be a great way to promote safety and deter theft at your retail location. An IP camera gives you the ability to access the footage being captured by your security cameras from anywhere using your computer, phone, or tablet, making these cameras useful tools in any company's security plan.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you properly set up your IP camera in the future.

1. Invest in the right model.

The first step in setting up an IP camera to protect your business is investing in the model that comes equipped with the feature needed to keep your company safe. Protecting a retail location requires a significant amount of storage, so that a high volume of recorded files can be stored at any given time.

Look for a camera that provides cloud-based storage to ensure you will have access to the storage space needed to accommodate your security footage. You should also look for a camera that comes equipped with useful features like motion activation or night vision to maximize the quality of the footage captured by your IP camera in the future.

2. Ensure you can connect and record.

You should set up your IP camera to allow you to simultaneously connect to the camera via a wireless connection and record the footage being captured by the camera.

Having the ability to both connect and record gives you the opportunity to review footage in real-time and retain a copy of the images captured by your security camera for use in identifying potentially harmful activity. IP cameras that can connect and record at the same time can be useful tools in your company's security arsenal.

3. Set up mobile alerts.

If a security breach occurs, you want to be notified as quickly as possible so that you can dispatch the authorities to your retail location. When you are setting up your IP camera, be sure that you take the time to set up the mobile alert feature.

This feature allows the camera to forward a push notification to your cell phone and/or tablet whenever the camera is activated by motion. You can immediately check the footage to determine the source of the activity, and handle the security breach quickly to reduce losses.

Setting up an IP camera can be beneficial when it comes to protecting your business. Maximize the performance of your camera by investing in the right model, ensuring you can connect and record simultaneously, and setting up mobile alerts.