Take These Measures When Putting In A Security Door At The Rear Of Your Business

Every business owner should be conscious about protecting his or her staff, and one way to accomplish this goal is with a security door. This type of door is best to install at the rear of your business — you don't likely want it at the front, as it may look a little inhospitable to customers. However, given that robberies can occur as a result of culprits gaining access to the building via a rear door, it's important that you install a door that is highly secure. Here are some attributes that you should keep in mind when you select this door and arrange to have it installed by a security company:

Heavy Steel Construction

Your rear door doesn't need to be easy to operate like one of your business's front doors. In most cases, this door will only be used during deliveries, which means that if it's heavy and difficult to move, it won't be a hassle for your staff. Heavy is an important attribute when you select a security door. When it's made of heavy steel, it's much stronger to be able to resist break-ins. Whereas criminals could pry open a hollow metal door or even break down a wooden one, a heavy steel security door is unlikely to budge.

Observation Hole

A security door should never contain a window, as this can be a vulnerable spot for criminals to exploit. However, your employees must be able to see who is on the other side of the door so that they don't unlock and open it under the impression that a delivery person is outside, only to be victimized by criminals. The way that you can get around this issue is to have an observation hole in the door. It could be a peephole-style port like you often find in residential applications, or it could be a small panel that slides open to provide a view of what is outside.

Outward-Opening Action

Talk to your security company about how you want the door installed. Generally, it's ideal to have the door installed so that it swings open to the outside. A door that swings inward can be vulnerable. For example, as long as a criminal can convince one of your employees to open the door a sliver, he or she can push against the door and ram his or her way into the building. With an outward-opening door, and especially when it can be secured with a chain when it's open a couple inches, this type of invasion is more difficult.

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