Concerned About Auto Theft? Consider The Value Of Security Cameras

Whether you've just bought a high-end vehicle or auto thefts are common in your area, you might be concerned about having someone break into your vehicle overnight. Parking it in your garage, rather than in your driveway, can automatically deter some thieves, but there's more that you can do in this situation. It can be effective to rely on security cameras set up in a variety of locations. The cameras can equally act as deterrents due to their visibility, as well as provide valuable footage if someone actually does steal your vehicle. Here are some steps for proceeding:

Mount A High-Visibility Camera On Your Garage

The simplest way to deal with the potential for auto theft is to deter criminals from ever targeting your property. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to use a security camera on the exterior of your home. Place a camera over your garage so that it captures your parked vehicle and the area around it. There are many different types of security cameras to use in this position, but the one you select should offer high-quality footage capturing at night, record a wide viewing angle, and have a light so that criminals can easily detect it.

Use A Secondary Camera Elsewhere

Some criminals who identify a security camera will seek to disable it by breaking it or even painting it with spray paint. You can't completely prevent such risks, but you can maintain the upper hand by having a secondary camera elsewhere. If a criminal interested in stealing your car were to target the primary camera, he or she might not notice a secondary camera. Have this camera mounted nearby — perhaps on the house of a neighbor, with his or her permission — and it will capture the whole scene.

Position A Small Camera In Your Vehicle

When people think of vehicle cameras, they often think of back-up cameras or road cameras. However, you can also buy a small hidden camera that you can mount in the front of your vehicle and aim at the driver's seat. This way, if someone does break into your vehicle and attempt to steal it or actually steal it, you'll have clear footage of the perpetrator. A camera that connects to your smartphone is especially valuable, as you'll have visual proof of the suspect's identity, which you can quickly share with the responding police officers.

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