Are You Opening An After School Care Center? 3 Safety Features To Include In Your Security Plans

After school care centers give kids a safe place to learn and play while their parents finish working. While your plan to open an after school care center is an asset to the community, you also know that safety must always come first when it comes to caring for other people's children. Unfortunately, child care centers are sometimes the targets of criminal activity, but you can use these safety features to increase the security of your building so that every child and the property stays safe.

Control Entry Point Access

The safety of your after school program begins at the door, and your staff should be trained to monitor who comes into the building. Entry point monitoring systems come with several different levels of security that allow you to customize your security plan. For example, you could choose a system that only allows the doors to be unlocked by your front office staff after a person requests access using a buzzer or intercom. Alternatively, you can give authorized users, such as parents, a special code that they type into a keypad to gain access. Either way, both of these options allow you to keep the doors locked during operating hours while still making it easy for parents to pick their kids up each day.

Use Electronic Check-In Services

Paper sign-in sheets are effective for keeping track of who is brought into and out of the center each day. However, new technology has made it possible to avoid the risk of losing these critical sheets of paper. Include electronic check-in and out services as part of your security plan. With this type of system, parents type in a code or swipe a card during pick-up and drop-off times each day. Since these are all stored electronically, you can access the records at any time that you have a question about a child's location or well being.

Install Security Cameras

Security systems in child care facilities often include cameras that give parents peace of mind and allow the staff to monitor all of the activities. Ideally, you should have a camera located near each exterior door, and you might consider installing more in the classrooms, gym and other common areas of your facility. Depending upon the type of security system you choose, you can even offer families the option to observe their children as they play during the day.

Your after school care program gives parents a new choice to keep their kids safe during the day. Now that you have your business plan put into action, keep an eye on security so that you always know that the kids are safe at your new facility. Contact a security system company for more help.