5 Ways To Make Your Home More Secure This Fall

This fall, take some active steps to ensure that you are keeping your home as safe as possible. There are little steps that you can take this fall that will help continue to ensure that your home is as safe as possible against intruders.

Put In An Alarm System

Even a basic alarm system will make your home more secure. A basic alarm system adds motion detectors to your doors and windows. When your alarm is armed, a sound will go off when your doors or windows are open and the alarm code is not entered. This will alert you that someone without the alarm code is in your home. You can even have the alarm system set up to notify a security company or send you an alert on your phone. Even a basic security system will increase the overall security of your home.

#2 Install Secure Locks

Make sure that you have secure locks on all exterior doors. You want to have bolt locks on all exterior doors. Bolt locks extend into the frame of your door, making them much more difficult to open. Bolt locks are the most secure locks you can have on your doors.

Don't forget about your windows. Make sure that all the locks on your windows work correctly. If any of the window locks are not secure or can't be locked as they are currently set-up, connect a locksmith to have locks installed. You want to be able to easily lock and secure all of your windows from the inside of your home.

#3 Install Motion & Body Heat Lights Around Your Home

Around the exterior of your home, put in place motion lights as well as PIR lights. PIR lights turn on when they detect body heat, so they will be activated by the body heat from another person as well as body heat from animals.

Having lights that turn on when someone approaches them via heat or body motion can help keep your home more secure. It can help scare away burglars and show that your alert about what is happening around your home.

#4 Be Careful What You Leave Around Your Home

Don't put tools that can be used to break into your home around your home. Don't leave out garden tools, metal bars, and ladders around your home. Make sure that all of your garden tools are locked up inside of your shed or garage. You don't want to make it easy for someone to access you home.

Increase the security of your home this fall by installing an alarm system. Make sure that you have motion and heat sensing lights around the outside of your home. Don't leave items out that could be used to break into your home. Make sure that you have bolts on all exterior doors to make it harder to break into your home. These are simple steps you can take this fall to increase the security of your home.